About Us

Citywide Automation Inc.

Citywide is cutting edge knowledge. We are old school in our approach. We listen. We think. We solve, and we design. Citywide delivers. We create and simplify technology solutions to help clients increase revenue without increasing overhead or operational expense. We create, integrate and orchestrate the best functions of best-of-breed software and hardware.  We only select and incorporate the best in breed devices for our solutions and products.  Like the most customized automobile manufacturer, we take the finest leathers, the best paints, the best engines and refined ergonomics. In the end, we offer the most comfortable, reliable and refined experience to our customers. Our systems’ stability, and our seamless integration of useful technology sets us apart from the rest. Citywide stays ahead of the curve and tests new ideas and technology and then incorporates fresh products into our tried and true systems. Citywide is undeniably committed to using only the best products in each category. From the first iteration of our design to the last finishing touch, Citywide delivers the best integrated technology systems.

Why Work With Citywide?


Better Technology

Citywide provides the tools for business that increase communication speed, while getting everyone on the same page.

Connect Instantly

Citywide uses reliable products and systems that bring new levels of intelligence and automation to your existing business, connecting users anywhere they are in the world.

User Friendly

All Citywide designs are made to be simple to deploy and just as easy to operate. By keeping complexity in the background we let our customers benefit from the results.


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